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Quantum Dot Technology for Bioimaging

Better detection of PS requires the attachment of a group or moiety to its backbone that is spectroscopically active and easily monitored. In this regard, Fluorescence-based techniques have been intensively used in bioimaging due to their high sensitivity and high selectivity.

Quantum Dot for Bioimaging and Quantitation

Our approach is to attach ginseng polysaccharides (GPS) with a fluorescent tag with a specific and well-distinguished fluorescence which will render spectroscopic detection of the GPS easier. Carbon quantum dots (CQD) due to their biocompatibility, high photostability, photobleaching resistance, and high emission quantum yield, are widely used for labeling bioactive material.

Conjugation between GPS and CQD would highly promote detection sensitivity and quantifying using fluorescence detector UPLC. This will allow better isolation of the different GPS fractions, consequently allowing deep insight in their mechanism of action in addition to the potential bioimaging of GPS-CQD conjugates.

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