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Sourcing of elite American ginseng plant materials by micropropagation technology and hydroponics


American ginseng (Panax quinquefolis) is listed as a threatened species under the CITES due to overharvesting, habitat loss, and other factors. In addition, Canada has also listed it as an endangered or threatened species. Effectively securing American ginseng seeds can be a challenging task due to the plant's slow growth and low seed production. Plant tissue culture technique is one of the best methods for the sustainable production.​

To develop technology to sustainably produce high quality American ginseng for domestic and international markets and for the Ontario American ginseng growers.

Standardized: consistent in desirable phytochemical content

Safe: free of contaminants pursuing a zero-tolerance

Smart: applicable to innovative field cultivation practices

1-to-5-month-old ginseng

Plant tissue culture and hydroponics make it possible to produce the valuable medicinal plants such as ginseng and goldenseal indoor for breeding the elite individuals, which have the competitiveness in global markets.

Innovative Technology

Model for commercial year-round production of high quality ginseng health products that are free from contaminants for fresh vegetable and dried ginseng markets, and feedstock for nutraceutical manufacturing.

Year-round Production

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