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Develop and commercialize innovative science-based technology for sourcing of Ontario-grown American ginseng materials and premium quality, evidence-based American ginseng natural health products.


Be recognized as Canada’s premier evidence - based ginseng products company, offering best products to consumers and ingredients for the industry through research and innovation in advanced bioprocessing and molecular horticulture practice by best people.


We believe in advancement of science and technology for future development via seeking of grant supports from government agencies, such as NSERC and AAFC and sponsorship of research at academic institutions. Among nations in the world Canada is known to have a good regulatory framework for NHPs, although there are critical areas that are not particularly clear to the average Canadians. We emphasize the importance of outreach to the consumers and the public regarding product quality and safety issues and the importance of understanding the regulatory and evidence paradigm.


We employ the state-of- the-art bioprocessing and manufacturing technology coupled with advanced phytochemical and pharmacological analyses to ensure highest quality products.


Our products will benefit:

Those with chronic conditions, and to improve their quality of life with reduced financial burden on the society.

Sector engaged in cultivation and sourcing of ginseng. We intend to make profit to generate a fair return for our investors and staff, and to finance further development of innovative value-added health products with locally sourced raw materials.

Others products: Chinese herbal medicine

We also extend our work to other Chinese medicinal herbs and offer service to the industry in R & D consultation and costumed advanced processing and cultivation.


Western Phytoceutica Inc (WPC) is a new start-up company located at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park established in 2013 to extend the R&D work of the Ontario Ginseng Innovation and Research Consortium (OGIRC), a $20M multi-disciplinary, multi-centered and sector initiative that was supported by the Ministry of Research and Innovation of Ontario towards promotion of research & development of new technologies for ginseng and commercialization of novel ginseng products.


We believe in interdisciplinary approach and participation of experts with diverse background and expertise. Our team is made up of scientists from expertise and experience in plant biotechnology, agronomy, phytochemistry, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacology, immunology and biochemical engineering. They also collaborate with faculties from Western University, Bio-Industrial Process Research Center of Lambton College and Agriculture Agri-Food Canada.

  • Engagement in advancement of science and  natural health product development

  • ISO/TC249 quality and safety of traditional Chinese Medicine, Standard

  • Council of Canada: Canadian delegates and workgroup experts

  • Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine: Advisory Board

  • Canadian Institute for Chinese Medicinal Research CICMR: executives

  • J of Complementary and Integrative Medicine: editorialship

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