July 30, 2017


Natural or botanical health products

Overview of usage of herbal products for health

Different Types of Herbal Products

  1. Supervised by health care practitioners

  2. As self-care products, self-directed use (NPHs regulations)

Issues with Botanical Health Products

  1. Concern about predictable quality and health benefit?

  • Biological effects are induces by secondary plant metabolites, which are produc...

July 24, 2017


  • Perennial herb with short underground stem and fleshy white root. 

  • Three or four years, the plants starts to flower. 

  • Most plant parts contain active components 

  • Main roots used for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mayor Panax species: 

  1.  Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer: Oriental, Asian or Korea ginseng. Long hsitory of use >> 4,000 years. Cultivated in China, Korea, and Japan....

July 20, 2017

A description of scientific publications, covering different areas- i) agriculture/breeding; ii) phytochemistry, iii) preclinical pharmacology- in vitro and in vivio stating the targets investigated: immune stimulation and suppression, anti-inflammation, antibacterial activity, cardiovascular health, metabolism including adipose tissue, diabetes and it complications, stress, skeletal muscle; iv) advanced processing...

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July 30, 2017

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